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A recent survey from AAC&U found that Employers Are Seeking Grads with “Soft Skills” More Than Specific Majors.

Date posted: February 19, 2015
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Five Things We Know About College Students from the Chronicle’s Wired Campus blog reveals tech trends that students respond to.

Date posted: February 6, 2015
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To flip or not to flip? The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Guide to the Flipped Classroom is packed with resources to help you decide.

Date posted: January 23, 2015
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As 2014 draws to a close, reflecting on How Do I Decide What I Want to Do Next? from the Chronicle’s Vitae blog may inspire a few New Year’s resolutions.


Date posted: December 4, 2014
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Learning the Millennial Way from MindTools sheds light on the group’s learning preferences and offers a few specific strategies to employ.  


Date posted: November 14, 2014
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