Student Success

...I realized that my job was to awaken the possibility in other people.
- Benjamin Zander, Conductor

Each year, California Community Colleges are a gateway to higher education for nearly 2.5 million students. These students arrive on our campuses with differing goals and levels of academic preparation. Many are first-generation college students who have never been on a college campus, while others are returning from the workplace or the military to upgrade their skills. Our students are a multicultural and multigenerational mix, juggling personal, academic, and financial challenges.

As California Community College, instructors we seek to serve these students by delivering quality instruction in friendly and engaging learning environments. We want to help them succeed in our classes, on our campuses and beyond. The Student Success QTs are focused on powerful, positive, and purposeful activities to get students off to a great start and to keep them coming back as we work to awaken the possibilities and promise in each one.

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