…faculty and staff members need to be responsible for knowing what resources are available, promoting those resources, and directing individual students appropriately.

Make Campus Connections

Did You Know?

Six in ten students who enter the California Community College system as freshmen drop out or lower their academic sights after just one semester because they fail to get the help they need. To keep students coming back, encourage them to take advantage of the student support services available to them. Whether they need academic counseling, tutoring, financial aid, or a job, many students don’t realize they can get the help they need right on campus.To increase student success and retention rates…try this activity.

Here’s how…

  • Ask students to stand, listen, and respond to your instructions.
  1. If you have spent time studying in the campus library, remain standing.
  2. If you can explain to another student 2 reasons to visit the financial services office on campus, do not sit down.
  3. If you have visited the campus career center, keep on standing.
  4. If you can direct another student to the college job board, stay on your feet.
  5. If you know where to go to get help in math or English, remain standing.
  6. If you can write down the directions to the college transfer center, do not take your seat.
  7. If you can share one campus resource to use to find an internship, remain vertical.
  8. If you belong to a campus club or have participated in a campus volunteer activity, stay standing.
  9. If you can identify a campus event that will take place this month, continue standing.
  10. If you can tell a person already seated why a student would join Alpha Gamma Sigma, you really are a winner!
  • Explain that you did this exercise to find out how many students know about the great student support services on campus.
  • Emphasize that these services are no cost or low cost and readily available to all students.
  • Ask students to describe services they have found helpful.
  • Provide a list of student services on your campus.

Above and Beyond!

Distribute the Student Activity and ask them to complete it before your next class meeting. Then when your class convenes, have students share the connections they were able to make.