CA Career Cafe – Get Started

Workshop: Where Will You Be 5 Years from Today?

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Optional PowerPoint

  • Welcome students to the workshop and introduce yourself and your role at the college.
  • Explain that this workshop will help them focus on their future and create a vision of where they want to be 5 years from today.
  •  View the 2-minute video clip “Five.”


  • Discuss some of the amazing things people can accomplish in 5 years.
  • Tell students where you expect to be in 5 years and what you will be doing.
  • Ask students to introduce themselves to another student and share what each wants to be doing in 5 years.
  • Next, have students introduce their partners, to the group, and where they might find him/her in 5 years.
    e.g. 5 years from today you can find my new friend Amid Farrah under the hood of a Maserati. 


  • Acknowledge that students have some exciting plans and you want to introduce them to a site that will help turn their visions into reality.
  • Introduce the CACareerCafe.Com site and show the Home Page.
  • Roll over each of the 5 sections and describe the content. (Get Started, Get a Path, Get Experience, Get Help, Get Hired)
  • Click on Get Started.
    Display the Get Started page with the four additional lessons.
    Click on the Identify Your Strengths and Talents student lesson.
    View the video.
    Click on the first link, Know Yourself, which takes them to the Stanford University site.
    Click on Step 1 and view the 6 self-assessments available.
    Show the Interests, Values and Skills assessments as these are most appropriate for the “get started” audience.
  • Go back to the Identify Your Strengths and Talents lesson and show students the Student Activity page.
    Distribute a copy of the Student Activity that goes along with the lesson and give students a few minutes to complete it.
    Have students share their completed activity and tell one thing they learned from doing it.
    Ask how this activity will help them figure out where they want to be in 5 years.
  • Explain that all lessons at the  CACareerCafe.Com site include the same kind of information/resources: a video, interactive sites and printable activity.


  • Display CACareerCafe.Com home page and review what they did in the workshop.
  • Distribute and review the CAP page (Career Activities Page)…a great way students track their progress at the Café.
  • Explain the next step your career center would like students to take after they leave the workshop.
  • Get every student to commit to a next step.

A Career Center Best Practice

To date, thousands of Solano Community College students have been served at the CACareerCafe.  Because they can easily access the site from Solano’s Home Page, current and prospective students are encouraged to find career information and resources at the new virtual career center open 24/7. Steve Dawson, Chief of Police and Professor of Criminal Justice, was instrumental in getting the CACareerCafe.Com link posted on the home page. He contacted college administrators stressing 3 important points about the CACareerCafe: it helps students succeed; it’s free; it’s supported by the CA Chancellor’s Office. In addition to providing students with an immediate career connection, the CACareerCafe.Com site is able to track and report activity coming from Solano’s link.