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New Webinar Series - 2015

New Spring 2016 Webinar Series

Making Connections
“What’s Working” for Student Success

Our CA Career Café webinar series this spring will again focus on career pathways. Helping students find the right fit, connect with professionals and become successfully employed. As is our tradition we will bring you a series of guest speakers that will share the newest, most innovative resources that are most effective with our community college students.

Webinar #3, Thursday, April 14, 2016 from 12noon -12:45pm

“Welcome to the Career Cafe Portal” 

  • California Community Colleges launched their Version 12.05 Portal in partnership with the State of California’s CalJOBS site on March 11, 2013. On February 29th we will be launching Version 16.0!
  • We will be sharing the new features for Job Seekers, Employers and Staff.
  • Learn more about the site by joining us for a short webinar so that we can become better acquainted!

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Webinar #2, Thursday, March 3, 2016 from 12noon -12:45pm

New World of Work is translating tomorrow’s work trends into real opportunities for today’s learners.

  • New World of Work is translating tomorrow’s work trends into real opportunities for today’s learners.
  • By working with entrepreneurs and employers both locally and nationally, they have identified the top 21st Century Skills that are critical for success in the New World of Work.
  • In this new economy, practical talents are often favored over traditional modes of education.
  • Learn about the lessons and curriculum that teach these critical skills through innovative methods, including experiential learning, gamification and more.

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CA Career Cafe’ Spring Webinar Series 2016 #1:

Major2Career – Explore Careers, Choose a Major, Get a Plan!”

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CA Career Cafe’ Fall Webinar Series 2015 #3

What Employers Wish You Knew: 7 Proven Techniques for Job Winners

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Reimagining the Role of Career Development with William Symonds

Webinar #2, Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 12noon – 12:45pm

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“Kate’s Back”
Explore Careers, Choose a Major, Get a Plan

  Webinar #1, Thursday, September 24, 2015 from 12noon -12:45pm

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What’s Working” for Student Success

      Webinar #3, Thursday, March 19, 2015
12noon -12:45pm

How do we work together to create a culture change on our campuses where our students are engaged and encouraged to find a direction?
The new Student Success Initiative requires our students have a goal and an Ed. Plan. It’s “everyone’s job” to help them.
What are some proven strategies for integrating this important task into the classroom?

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 How Do I Know if This is the Right Career for Me?”

Work-Based Learning that Works!
      Webinar #1, Thursday, January 22, 2015
12 noon -12:45pm

The California Career Pathways Trust and SB 1070 grants are requiring work-based learning for students. How do we  “get them ready” for those experiences?
Learn about a 3-step process that can be assigned using outcome oriented lessons for your students. Listen in as faculty share their most successful strategies. Learn how one campus has supported the process

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California Career Café Free Webinar Series February
“What’s a DSN and How Does ‘Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy’ Impact Me and My Students?”

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Helpful PDF’s
Green Careers handouts combined
Dino Careers
Career Center short version of Scavenger Hunt for Deaf Studies
Blank-New Student Learning Outcomes
Allied HealthCare



  • Kate Brooks Webinars
  • Fun New Tips and Tools: Creative People [YouTube]
  • Fun New Tips and Tools: Entrepreneurs [YouTube]
  • Fun New Tips and Tools: The Introvert [YouTube]
  • Fun New Tips and Tools: Social Media and the Job Search [YouTube]
  • An Opportunity for Career Professionals [YouTube]
  • Boxes, Rectangles and Squares to Help Organize the Job Search [YouTube]
  • Wandering Maps [YouTube]
  • Cluster Diagrams [PPT]
  • Diamonds and Hexagrams [YouTube]

Find-a-Job Webinars

  • Find a Job: Registering Your Students
  • Find a Job: Using the Resources without Registering
  • Find a Job: Registering Employers on the CA Career Cafe
  • Find a Job: Creating a Resume
  • Find a Job: Managing Your Students Online
  • Staff and Individual Features for the Career Café Portal: May 2, 2014: Webinars by Geosolinc - Dan Fitzgerald
  • Employer Services for the Career Café Portal: May 9, 2014: Webinars by Geosolinc - Dan Fitzgerald
  • The Reporting Options Available for the Career Café Portal: May 16, 2014: Webinars by Geosolinc - Dan Fitzgerald

Career Action Plan (CAP) Webinars

  • Career Action Plan 1 - Start
  • Career Action Plan 2 - Explore
  • Career Action Plan 3 - Experience
  • Career Action Plan 4 - Prepare
  • Educator's Guide for CAPs


  • [PowerPoint] “What’s Working” for Student Success?
  • [PowerPoint] [PowerPoint] What's a DSN and How Does 'Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy' Impact Me and My Students?
  • "Choose or Lose" - Fall Workshops 2013 for CA community college career professionals by Isa Adney
  • Leveraging Social Media for Student Career Success, November, 2013 by Lindsay Pollak