21st Century Skills

21st century learning environments and opportunities are essential to prepare all students for the challenges of work, life, and citizenship in the 21st century and beyond.
- Partnership for 21st Century Learning

While many good jobs in the past may have required employees to have a fixed skill set and to follow directions, today's jobs require skills for a new century. The continued success of our rebounding economy relies on an innovative, well-prepared and adaptable workforce. Employees must be actively engaged and equipped with 21st Century Skills. In this evolving, global marketplace, and in life, our students need to be able to innovate, to think critically, to analyze, to collaborate and to communicate.

In order to participate in and advance in today’s rapidly changing workplace, students need appropriate technical skills coupled with superior interpersonal skills. To help students meet the demands of a new century and to assist them in assessing and developing essential skills, these 21st Century Skills QTs provide activities for you to integrate into nearly any course curriculum.

Library of 21st Century Skills QT Lessons...