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Reports and Resources

  • Work Experience Curriculum Presentation
  • Work-Based Learning Handbook
  • Students Success Task Force
  • Career Practicum: A Work-Based Learning Strategy 2011
  • Title V Guidelines for Work Experience
  • In-Person Consultation Advisory
  • Chancellor’s Office Rationale for Title 5 Changes
  • DOL Fact Sheet on Internship Programs
  • NACE Internships Position Statement
  • Learn More, Earn More
  • Credit Course Repetition Guidelines 2013

Our Mission

To promote the value of work-based learning
and employment services.

Fiscal Agent: Irvine Valley College

Professional Association Links

  • CCC Association for Occupational Education
  • CA Internship and Work Experience Association
  • CA Placement Association

Work-Based Learning Information Links

  • California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
  • Economic Workforce Development Program
  • US Department of Labor
  • National Association of Colleges and Employees
  • CA Career Café
  • Who Do U Want 2 B?